And so it begins…

Hi, I’m Jane! I’ve played around with the idea of starting a blog for awhile now, so here it goes. 

I’m 27, a playwright/screenwriter living in Brooklyn. I work at an art school during the day, in the film department. When I’m not working, I’m sometimes in front of my laptop staring at the cursor on whatever final draft document I’ve got open. Mainly though, I’m trying to live my life so that I am inspired and excited by people and experiences that make me want to write. That absolute need to write generally comes from an experience that I can’t imagine not expressing. 

Lately I’ve been thinking about how writers have the time to write/work and live so that they want to write, so that there’s enough raw material and inspiration and drive. It’s tough. So many writers I meet always lament the fact that they’re tied to their day jobs. And when they talk about that, I always think about myself, and what my life would be like without my job. Is it wrong to that I think I need the routine, the structure – the social interaction? It makes me feel like a drone that I do. But I love my job, and I think it structures my life in a way that makes me feel secure but also not a complete 9-5 drone. 

Anyhow, that being said to say that I’m curious how writers without day jobs do it. Do they just write and live all day? Don’t they miss co-workers, Holiday parties, crazy micro-managing bosses…? 

So, hello. I guess this is me, blogging. If you’ve read this, thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a lovely day, wherever you are.


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