committing to writing this

Yes, it’s been an inexcusable amount of time since I’ve written. I don’t think I was ready to commit to really having some sort of online presence. But I’m always complaining that I feel like I don’t have a playwriting community – and I’m hoping that this will help. Maybe I’ll find fellow like-minded playwrights out there.  So, here’s to a fresh start of consistent posting. 

This past weekend I saw Crystal Skillman’s The Vigil or the Guided Cradle at The Brick Theater in Brooklyn. In a reductive soundbite, it’s a play about torture. As you can imagine, it’s sort of a hard subject to visually and emotionally stomach and also to really hard to fully explore in 70 minutes. But I was entertained and enjoyed the experience, which seems sort of wrong, considering the subject matter. The acting was really fantastic. 

This summer I’ll be going to the playwriting portion of the Sewanee Writer’s Conference in Tennessee. It’s pretty exciting  for me and I can’t wait. I’m relatively new to this world of summer playwriting conferences. I went to my first one last summer – the Stonybrook Southhampton Playwriting Conference and it was very productive and just overall awesome, to be immersed in the writing world for nearly a week. I considered applying again this year, but I think two conferences in one summer might be a little overwhelming. I also don’t think my bosses would appreciate my extended absence. However, it was an extremely tough decision as this summer one of the workshop leaders is Annie Baker – the writer of Circle Mirror Transformation and the now playing The Aliens at the Rattlestick. She’s one of my favorite contemporary playwrights and I’m consistently moved by her work. But Sewanee promises to be pretty amazing – the playwriting leaders are Beth Henley (Crimes of the Heart) and Dan O’Brien (


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