Fringe and tangential thoughts about rejection letters

So, at the end of last week, I found out my play Memory Bankers was rejected from the NYC Fringe Festival. They wrote a nice letter and said that they couldn’t admit 3/4 of the applicants. That made me feel better, just knowing that ratio. And for some reason I don’t mind getting rejected from bigger name programs/festivals, etc.

Speaking of rejections, I looked back at my post from November about grad school – and a couple of months later, I found out I got rejected by Michener at UT Austin. I knew it’d be like winning the lotto getting in, but still worth trying. And I will definitely apply again next year, when I also think I’ll do a more comprehensive grad school search and application.

Also – I’ve received two rejection letters in particular that made me think they were more personal than your average “We had so many applicants this year and so we were not able…” They were more in the vein of “We really liked your piece – you should apply again next year…”

Those two seemingly more personal letters made me happy, but was I duped, and were they really just extremely kind and generous form letters? Like getting insincere compliments from friends trying to cheer you up.

Anyhow – there are $20 tickets to see Graceland as part of the Lincoln Center Theater which looks great!


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