a big ole’ bag of blahs

It’s Monday, and I am trying to manage my bad case of the grumps. I’m feeling more than blah – and everything just seems nearly impossible to navigate today. When I get into moods like this, I start to question my career choice and I wonder how anyone ever manages to make money or a career writing.

Since I work at a college and school is officially out for the summer, it’s very slow here. One of our main summertime tasks is doing inventory – manually counting every item we stock, looking at the barcode and highlighting it off a sheet. Last week I thought staring at the neon yellow might make me go blind.

I worry that I’m in my late twenties and I have no real career path. Maybe that’s more expected in your early 20’s but now I’m starting to feel lazy. Sometimes I feel absolutely content but sometimes, the blahs, the malaise, whatever it is creeps up on me when I least expect it and pounds me down.

Tonight I’m seeing The Aliens at Rattlestick – so I’m very excited about that. Perhaps it will make my sadness evaporate. Oooor make me want to go work at a coffee house in Vermont…maybe both.


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