The Aliens

I saw Annie Baker’s The Aliens at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater Monday night.

I’m still trying to put my thoughts together – but overall, I enjoyed it. Not as much as Circle Mirror Transformation because this felt simpler, and perhaps a little too long. I hesitate to say it was simpler, because it deals with the most core issues we face as human beings. But I think Circle Mirror had a more complex group of characters and I liked the set-up more. Overall though, I enjoyed how meditative and quiet The Aliens was, how it grows on you and how I felt transported into the hippie dippy mindset of two of the main characters. I also loved the sound of the crickets. (And that Paul Dano was in the audience.)

I feel like her work really shows a deep love of humanity, and a warmth that’s refreshing. What I loved most about The Aliens was that all three of these characters were not judgemental of each other. They just sort of co-existed together in this world behind the coffee shop and accepted and loved each other. Though it was just three people hanging out behind a coffee shop, it felt like a complete world – where every possible emotion and exploration of the deepest questions could unfold. And that’s quite a feat.


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