Thank you Maureen Dowd

I love this article.

And this one from awhile back…

The gist of the second one is that as a whole, women are getting unhappier. And women with children are statistically less happy than women without children. Which all seems counter-intuitive considering all the progress women have made in the fight for equality in employment opportunities, etc. The article suggests that maybe because women are now juggling careers, families and a myriad of other responsibilities – they can’t focus on each area of their lives as much.

Which (pardon my stream of consciousness) makes me think of one of my favorite ideas of happiness – “flow” – the feeling of having activities and people that you experience “flow” with – where you’re able to just be completely absorbed and lose track of time.

Why this relates to playwriting – I’m not sure – but I guess I do find that my best writing comes when I’ve lost track of time. Somewhere after my mandatory 20 minutes is over, and somewhere before I’m distracted by the demands of the day.


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