back from the trip

I’m back from the big Spain adventure. It was a pretty incredible time – I haven’t been out of the country in years, and I forgot that feeling of exhilaration you get being in unfamiliar territory for over a week and coming home. Your old routine seems vaguely  erased, but still existent. And I always get a particular swelling of the heart when the plane lands back home and we glide over New York City. I know that sounds sorta corny, but I did grow up here so it’s allowed.

Speaking of landing home, Delta was our airline of choice for this journey, and while nothing majorly bad happened – as we landed, they insisted on playing this crappy top 40’s overly sentimental song. I think the lyrics were something like “…and the world spins round and round…it spins and spins…”

I felt like Zach Braff in Garden State.

Gag fest. Don’t tell me how to feel Delta! I will feel how I want as this plane lands! If I wanted someone to try to make me feel sentimental or manipulate my emotions, I’d go to the theater or see a movie.

Anyhow, I found it pretty abhorrent. I only like when emotion arises in me in a sincere way.  As in playwriting and apparently the marketing departments of the airline industry – you gotta work for it. Get your audience engaged, so it feels like you’ve earned it when you play super cheesy top 40 hits about the world spinning as the plane lands. You’ve gotta work for it, Delta.

Anyhow – We saw some beautiful sights, were completely blown away by Toledo and Montserrat and ate too much Gelato. Overall, a traveling success. Though, it’s funny how with traveling – sometimes I find the newfound appreciation I have coming home is almost as valuable as the trip itself. I always feel a little more awake to everything around me. It’s a nice feeling.


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