small town doc

Is it because I’m from New York City that I’m strangely drawn to the idea of small town life? Am I just idealizing the opposite of what I know…

I remember in college, one of my best friends was from a small town in Louisiana and I would make her tell me stories about her life there – going to the grocery store and knowing half of the other shoppers, having people drop by your home just to say hi – you know, all of that stuff that is probably oppressive to the people who’ve spent a lifetime there.

Anyhow. I bring this up because this documentary seems riveting to me – and it reminds me of a real life Friday Night Lights (great show and FYI –  if I could be Tami Taylor, I would).

It’s all about Sidney, Ohio, USA. Pop. 20,211 (last census – 2000)

The images in the trailer are pretty gorgeous and thoughtfully composed. They’re calming to me. So much the opposite of the stimuli overload in the big city.

When I really think about why I’m so attracted to this small town lifestyle – a major part of it is this possibly misguided idea that loneliness becomes an impossibility in a place when everyone has, at the very least, seen each other’s face. There’s probably a certain responsibility to each other inherent in that. Not to say people in the big city don’t look out for each other – but I’d imagine it’s easier to live a life of solitary desperation in a large city.

Just sayin’. Curious to see this.


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