love this interview

Adam Szymkowicz’s blog with playwright interviews is pretty fantastic –  he’s creating this immensely valuable historical body of information.

I still have yet to read them all (I’m trying to slowly savor them as to extend the reading pleasure.)

This interview with Chisa Hutchinson was particularly inspiring and wow. I’ve never read her work, so my next mission is to find her work and devour it.

Here’s a quote from the Adam’s interview ( that resonated and vibed with me enough that I had to share it here.

Q:  What advice do you have for playwrights just starting out?

A:  GET AWAY FROM YOUR DESK. Everyone else is going to tell you to keep writing, keep writing, keep writing, and that’s fine. You should do that. But you should also go out, see shows, get drunk, embarrass yourself by doing something unseemly on a subway, see more shows, meet people, support your writer peers. I’m serious. Two reasons: 1.) Good material. You gotta live life to write about it. No output without input, y’all. 2.) People will see your face. For years, I underestimated how important it is to actually be in a room with people you’re sending scripts to or directors you’ve been yearning to work with.

When I’m hanging out with friends too much or not writing enough, this ” but I should be writing right now” guilt can sometimes overwhelm me. And I gently have to remind myself that INPUT is essential for OUTPUT. Thank you Chisa.

Also, seeing Red this weekend and very excited.


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