the unconscious

Okay. So. I love the idea that writers are excavators of their unconscious. I imagine a writer sitting down at their desk wearing one of those coal miner searchlight headbands, just like Philip Roth meets Indiana Jones.

Anyhow – along those lines -I’ve never read any John Guare (gasp!) so I’m starting with Six Degrees of Separation, which, incidentally always make me think of Will Smith, and then I start thinking about wanting to see the new Karate Kid movie and I how I feel a bit guilty about that…but that’s a story for another day.

In his preface to the play he talks a lot about the duty of a writer being to stay pure to their initial instincts to write – what calls them to certain materials and topics. It’s really motivational.

So I’m sharing, because apparently I can’t get enough of inspirational “get thee to to your desk and WRITE!!!” quotes.

“I realized that if I was going to be a writer, I must first trust this unknown work process that was going on within and realize my job as a writer now becomes protecting it. Okay – I’ll start by writing every day – overheards – dreams – fights – rages – jokes – laughter – events – then go over it – searching it out for patterns…Don’t throw away anything you’ve written. We all all strangers to ourselves…Don’t try to sort it out – make stones – make clay – a writer is a sculptor who has to make his own rock.”

Love it. Love this idea we’re all strangers to ourselves and the work is to dig deep.

To digging deeper!


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