gimme some heart!

I used to feel this exhiliration watching certain movies or seeing a fantastic play – this sort of rapture, a moment of perfect clarity. I’ve realized (sadly) that it’s become rarer lately.

Am I just poorly curating my cultural and media intake? Or is there just not enough quality work out there?

I’ve been trying to distill the feelings of exhilaration and explain them to myself so I can seek them out easier- and I think it’s this honesty and heart that I crave in a play or movie- something that just resonates with me and is on the same frequency…

The last play I felt it distinctly with was Neil LaBute’s Reasons to be Pretty. Not be be hyperbolic, but the final scene of that play blew my mind. I don’t think it’s an incredible play overall, but in that last scene, I had my own personal revelation, and I felt this feeling of loneliness or confusion alleviated. I wasn’t alone in feeling the way I had before I walked into that theatre.

I guess the point of all this is that I want to find more work that I connect to. That gets me in the gut, in my heart. Or, maybe this post was just an excuse for this quote:

“I’ve had it with all stingy-hearted sons of bitches.

A heart is to be spent.”
— Stephen Dunn (Different Hours: Poems)


One thought on “gimme some heart!

  1. I LOVE that quote. And ditto … could not agree with you more about the degrading quality in most movies today. It’s almost like they’ve replaced all of the simplicity and rawness of humanity with the green screen. I’m over it. If I wanted to watch a bunch of actors, I would rather watch the Cartoon Network. I want to hear a story … and one that will challenge me and make me think. Cannot wait until I get to see your work on the big screen … we NEED you. Really.


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