Tomorrow I leave for the Sewanee Writers Conference in Tennessee. I’m very excited and also kind of astonished really that it’s come already, that the summer is halfway done. To think it’s mid-July already is…wow…time flies.

I’ve only been to one writers conference before, the Stonybrook Southhampton conference last summer – and that was a pretty great experience. You get to workshop your play in progress and go to readings, cocktail parties, etc. To get completely immersed in playwriting and talking shop for a couple of days was just refreshing. It leaves you feeling inspired and excited.

Last year, I met a playwright at Stonybrook who had just come from Sewanee and had nothing but wonderful things to say about the program. So I applied and here I go. Note to future applicants: Admission is done on a rolling basis, so apply sooner rather than later for your best chances.

The two playwriting instructors are Dan O’Brien and Beth Henley. Beth Henley won a Pulitzer for Crimes of the Heart – so I’m ridiculously psyched to meet her. Speaking of that, she wrote that play in her early twenties and it was her second play! And there it goes, winning the Pulitzer.

Anyhow. Moving on. I will try to blog about it as I go.

One plug before I leave. You must see The Kids Are All Right. Ahh…What a beautiful movie about family with pitch perfect, thoughtful, honest dialogue. There’s also a scene involving a character leaving for college, and it was just absolutely perfect. The whole movie left me feeling all heart warmed and happy. Maybe a bit nostalgic for my childhood. But overall, smiley inside.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


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