the third day at Sewanee

Some Sewanee Writers’ Conference highlights so far: 

1. The Elizabeth Spencer reading – At the end of her reading from her memoir, Landscapes of the Heart, my face contorted and I resisted every urge to start crying. I was kind of embarassed at how sentimental I was/am, but the great thing about a writers conference is that everyone seems to be generally on the same page. When she finished reading, you could hear a collective  intake of breath – and I wouldn’t be surprised if indeed people were crying. 

2. Southern Hospitality. It’s a real thing. 

3. Beth Henley’s reading was pretty fantastic too -I’ve never seen a play reading in which the playwright reads all the parts. Apparently, it’s more common than I thought.  It kind of sounds like someone with a combination of multiple personality disorder and tourettes. It’s really engaging – I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to follow along but perhaps I ought to have more faith in myself as a listener.

It can be sort of isolating at first here. Like the first couple of days at sleep away camp. I feel like I’ve reverted to being an introverted twelve year old again. But it’s funny, I know I’m not alone. As someone here aptly remarked – this conference is interesting in the sense that it’s a whole group of introverts attempting to be social 24/7. As the days pass, it’s been getting easier to balance time and figure out how many events you can feasibly do without feeling completely overwhelmed. 

Anyhow – it’s been a great experience, and I feel like I’ve got a bit of sensory overload going on.


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