radio plays, podcasts, and technology!

I saw a posting for a really interesting sounding Podcast series looking for proposals on the theme On the Internet, Nobody Knows. It was part of the arts organization, Skewed Visions, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I saw the posting listed on the Playwrights Center website. At first, I thought, huh? Submitting to a podcast – I’ve never done that before, not sure if that’s something I’d be interested in.  But the more I thought about it, the cooler it sounded.

Not only do I love the topic of internet and identity (I’m obsessed with how technology is affecting our relationships, especially with ourselves), but how neat is the idea of putting a play on a podcast? Like an old school radio play?

I wonder if there is a podcast(s) for new short plays. I just did a little itunes research and couldn’t find any. Maybe I should do one. Get a bunch of playwrights and actors together to do a podcast series.

They emailed me a personal confirmation that they had received my submission within 20 minutes, which was sort of surprising and nice.

Anyhow – I highly recommend playwrights submit to this! I think the more technologically relevant plays are, the better spot theater is in for the future.


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