An Error of the Moon

More often than not, theater is pricey. So when I get offered free tickets to a show, I go. Pretty much always. I don’t care if the show’s been reviewed terribly or if it’s some cheesy musical featuring super hits from Hilary Duff.

This weekend I got free tickets from Primary Stages as a perk of taking one of their writing classes in the fall (awesome perk!) to Luigi Creatore’s An Error of the Moon. The play is an exploration of the relationship between John Wilkes Booth and his actor brother Edwin Booth. It was a “speculation” about the jealousy, passion and the influence the relationship may have had on the historical turn of events.

Blargh. It was overwrought and over dramatic and missing some key ingredients, which I can’t quite put my finger on.

I think the most horrible part of it was this super overdone and unnesscessary video projection of ghosts and imagined seductions in the main characters psyche.


What’s with almost every show or new play I read having video projection? I think when it adds something to the show – by all means, go for it! But when it’s just distracting and silly – let it go. Video projection does not mean your play is more relevant.

I will say this though – despite not liking this play at all, it was entertaining. I wasn’t bored. I wonder what that means.

I guess you get what you pay for.


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