this could work

Last night was the first meeting of The Pack 2010-2011, part of Packawallop Productions. The Pack is a group of directors, actors and writers who get together to share work and hopefully develop working relationships. It was wonderful! I was a member last year, and it completely pushed my writing to a new level. I felt like I was with a group of people who cared deeply and I felt a responsibility to that seriousness of purpose.

It re-affirmed for me how important development groups are. You absolutely need to be around people who are invested and care about the work, and have that light and enthusiasm for the process and not only the results.

It’s been nearly a week since I’ve written, and I think partially it’s because I’ve felt a little dejected about my writing. The Pack made me feel excited again about the new play I’m working. Without going into it too much, it’s about branding and identity and what it means to change yourself fundamentally, and asking is that possible? I’ve realized that I’m fascinated by identity and especially by this “Oprah”, self-help culture that we seem to live in.

I’m getting the sense that this play could really work and I feel like I’ve found its’ heartbeat. A lot of times with bigger works, I can’t find where the truth and emotional core of the story is. In shorter pieces, it’s a lot easier for me, it’s like I latch onto a thought, emotion and drive it for ten to twenty pages. It’s like sprinting instead of running a marathon. I think in longer pieces, I get distracted by all the options available to this world I’ve created and I get off task.

Anyhow, for the first time in a long time, I’m working on a piece that I know will present many challenges but I think I can make it work…


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