reasons to write.

Hank Nuwer: St. Paul said that one must put away the things of a child when manhood is reached. Does it seem to you that making a living out of creating theater in effect allows you to continue playing with the things of a child?

David Mamet: I don’t think they’re the things of a child at all. It[the theater] is the most essential aspect of modern life. What is missing from modern life is spirituality–the connection to the greater truths of the universe. What is missing is the feeling of knowing our place and a sense of belonging. It’s the theater’s job to address the questions of What is our place in the universe?” and “How can we live in a world in which we know we’re going to die?”

– Hank Nuwer interview with David Mamet, South Carolina Review, 1984


One thought on “reasons to write.

  1. It’s the people connection that is missing. The more we align ourselves with other human beings in profound ways the better chance we have of connecting with the universe.

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