As you may have already heard, this year the Wendy Wasserstein Prize for an emerging female playwright under the age of 32 was not awarded. From the 19 nominees, none were deemed worthy.

However, today TDF has announced that they will refine the criteria of the prize, and possibly find a winner.

There are certain restrictions to the prize – the winner must not have had a show in a Broadway Theater or an Off-Broadway Theatre with more than 199 seats.

Even so, my god! I know of so many incredible female playwrights – so I am a bit shocked by this. How about Kimberly Rosenstock’s Tigers Be Still or Dorothy Fortenberry’s Good Egg?

My initial gut is that perhaps they should expand the search – and instead of having nominees, have an open submission process. I know that would create a heck of a lot more work, but playwrights like myself could submit and maybe they might find someone’s work worth encouraging.

Goodness gracious. It’s just kinda sad.

A Do-Over for the Wasserstein Prize



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