I have disappeared. Now I return!

I apologize for my long delay in posting – I’ve been wading around knee deep in grad school swamp waters. The weird thing is, at this point, the application process is more organizational than anything else. Organizing packages – making sure all the online portions are completed, etc.

I’ve sent off three applications so far, so that feels good and satisfying. As I’ve said before, I really have no idea if I’ll get in anywhere. That’s not false modesty, I promise you. I know that most of these schools take anywhere from 2-5 students per program, so it’s extremely competitive. It feels more like winning a fellowship than getting into graduate school.

I’ve found that applicants to Creative Writing MFA programs are very vocal about their experiences on online message boards and personal blogs. So that’s been helpful. I was recently going through the Creative Writing MFA website and the Grad School Cafe Forum, and they were useful ¬†in terms of understanding the timelines of these schools. It looks like I will begin to have an idea of if I get interview sometime in February.

I feel like I’m thrown many boomerangs into the universe and I’m now waiting on their return.

But regardless of what happens, good things are happening. I’m working on a really exciting theater project with one of my favorite people in the whole world, Laura, and Squeaky Bicycle Productions will be doing a reading of one of my full length pieces in early February.

It’s a nice way to end 2010.




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