a new year – and hopes for productivity!

I’ve been bad lately and haven’t written here as much as I would have liked to. I’ve been wrapped up in finishing applying for my playwriting MFA, and strangely, there’s a lot more emotion involved than I would have thought. I swing from feeling like I’ll definitely get in somewhere, to being absolutely certain I’ll get in nowhere. And then there’s the whole, having no idea where I’ll be physically in the fall. And I really hate bugging people about the recommendations constantly, there seems to be a separate process for each school, and if you’re applying to a lot, it’s probably sort of frustrating for recommenders. So, for everyone that has recommended people for graduate schools, THANK YOU.

You’d be shocked how many websites and live journals, blogs, etc. are dedicated to the application process. There’s even a book that’s a guide to getting your Creative Writing MFA.

Today I was studying some people who shared their rejection/acceptance experiences on thegradcafe.com. They are listed like this:

University Of Iowa Theatre Arts Playwriting, MFA (?) Rejected via Postal Service on 16 May 2008 A 16 May 2008 Finally received the letter stating what I knew after phoning several times. I received a response to my email about a month ago. Just received a letter dated 12 May . What the heck? So slow. NYU here I come.



Reading pages of these, mainly rejections, got me worked up. But, I need to remind myself that at the end of the day, this is all about the writing and the work. And if I don’t get into graduate school this year, my writing still continues, and that’s what this is all about anyway. And I will keep applying every year.

Some good news I touched on in my last post – I will be teaching an introductory screenwriting class at the School of Visual Arts this spring for pre-college students. It’s a course for students applying to the school next year, so “pre-frosh” as we affectionately called them at my college.

An abrupt shift of topic (my old boss used to call me “the queen of the non-sequitur”) so appropriately –

One of my favorite shows on TV is Friday Night Lights. Yesterday, I was thinking how great it would be if there was a spin-off to this show – “Eric and Tami: The Early Years.” I would watch that show and I would love it.


One thought on “a new year – and hopes for productivity!

  1. Jane, I can’t imagine you not getting in, which would be their loss. I went through a nerve-racking couple of years trying to get into med school, and we only get to apply up to 3 cycles. It’s amazing how things tend to work out as long as we just believe in ourselves and keep up the effort. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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