Goodbye, Romulus Linney

This past Saturday, the playwright Romulus Linney passed away. His obituary was in the NY Times today, and there were two really beautiful, thoughtful quotes from him I wanted to share.

“When this is all over, my writing will add up to the sum total of me. The choices I make with my writing have a lot to do with myself as an unfolding personality, so that in the end, your writing is really your destiny. It’s a question of finding that central thing that’s yours to say and yours alone.”

-Romulus Linney

And, this was especially poignant for me – he talks about his formative childhood in the South, saying in a 1987 interview:

“A Southern childhood is a very primal thing. I think Katherine Anne Porter said that what happens to you after 10 years old doesn’t really matter very much, but the things that happen before you were 10, matter a great deal.”   – Romulus Linney

I’ve been thinking a lot about what childhood means, and how it seems like we spend most of our lives unraveling our first years, and then our final years unraveling the years before.

I was reading something recently, about how the end of life mimics the beginning of life, and I think in some ways, this quote echos that. It also makes me think of how everything is circular, how our lives come back to where they began, in a sense.

So, thank you Romulus Linney for making such a gorgeous contribution to the world of playwriting and humanity.


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