David Lindsay-Abaire – “Good People”

There’s an article in the NY Times today about David Lindsay-Abaire’s new play “Good People” which is coming to Broadway soon. In the article, he talks briefly about his time in the Juilliard Lila Acheson Wallace program and being mentored by Marsha Norman.

He writes about a piece of advice given to him by Ms. Norman, and I love this because it serves as a great jumping off point when you feel you’re just staring in front of a blank screen waiting for inspiration to hit –

“I remembered something Marsha Norman said at Juilliard,” he said. “She said, if you want to write a good play, write about the thing that frightens you the most.”

-David Lindsay-Abaire

There’s always something inside waiting to be said and expressed and mined for dramatic gold. It’s just finding way to access it.


One thought on “David Lindsay-Abaire – “Good People”

  1. I feel like whatever frightens you the most will also bring up deep emotion and possibly passion…this will very likely lead to an interesting story, if you can face it.

    So I guess this means that the next time I attempt to write a play, I will have to write about zombies.

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