J.C. Lee is awesome.

I love discovering a new playwright that I really like, whose work just resonates. And wow. I got to sit in on the Juilliard Play Labs – and they did a reading by J.C. Lee, and he presented a play that was funny, moving and engaging. There was gorgeous moving imagery, and for some reason I kept thinking about the writing of Junot Diaz as I watched. (Who I also a huge fan of…)

So now I want to read everything he’s ever done. I’m also a sucker for titles, and the title of one of his plays is “This World Is Good,” and a title like that makes me want to read it.

He’s also 27. And while I’m only a bit older, I feel like I need to be more prolific.

He has an interview on Adam Szymkowicz’s blog, and has a particularly profound thought –

Q:  If you could change one thing about theater, what would it be?

A:  Our penchant to condescend. We take ourselves and our art way too seriously and fail to realize that there are plenty of people quite content to never step foot in a theatre and they’re totally normal and intelligent. It’s our job to give them a reason to come, and that reason can’t be pretentious academic bullshit. We must rediscover the joy of telling stories again and be eager to share that joy with others. Our complaints about funding cuts and lackluster attendance only reflect our inability to communicate the excitement of our craft.

-Adam Szymkowicz’s Blog – Interview with J.C. Lee


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