A.R Gurney’s Black Tie

Last weekend, I saw A.R. Gurney’s Black Tie at Primary Stages, and I have to say, I loved it.  It was a bit fluffy though, like watching a surprisingly well written Hollywood movie with a feel good ending. I was in a mood where I wanted coziness, so it was perfect for the night.

The play made me think a lot about my own family and how I was raised, and what sort of parent I want to be. So, I guess in that sense, it wasn’t a “fluffy” piece, and for those of you who watched The Nanny and were able to stomach Fran Drescher’s nasally voice, Niles, the Butler plays one of the leads in the play! I didn’t realize until I looked at his bio in the program. So that was a fun blast from the past. I remember watching that show in the late afternoon, that weird few hours right after school and before dinner, where you’re delaying homework as long as possible.

Also, you’ve got to love 59E59 Theater where Primary Stages has it’s space, because of that swanky, well stocked bar on the second floor. There’s also something really neat about the location of the theater – it’s like a strange, quiet, no-man’s land – 59th and Park being mainly business buildings, so it’s desolate on the weekends and late nights.

Switching gears completely – I heard from my first graduate school – UT Austin – Michener, and I didn’t make it. Yes, it sucks, but it was the most competitive program I applied to – so that softens the blow.

What also softens the blow is having awesome friends who say really kind, encouraging things. My friend Greg told me the other day, after seeing Blue Valentine, that he said he thinks I could write a screenplay just as strong as that. And that faith and encouragement made my day. So, thank you Greg and thank you to people who have thoughtful words to people creating things. Cause it can sometimes feel like you’re operating in a bubble.




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