making mistakes.

As this Playwriting MFA application process draws to an end, I feel a sense of relief knowing where I’ll be in five months. Still here. Because I haven’t gotten in anywhere. I’m still waiting on one school.

I’ve debated sharing this information online, but maybe it will provide some sort of comfort to someone else who’s applied and not gotten in anywhere.

While I could take this as a sign that I suck as a writer, I don’t. And that’s not me being cocky, it’s just that I think getting into a creative writing MFA program of any kind is HARD. You could be the next Edward Albee or Lynn Nottage and still not get in. They each accept only a handful of people.

And maybe what they say is right – that you really have to apply more than one year to get in. The schools want to know you’re serious.

I’m actually sort of inspired – it makes me work harder and feel as though I have nothing to lose.

It also reminds me of this quote. And while this quote refers to making mistakes, I think it also applied to figuring out ways to make your plays and screenplays better and stronger – analyzing structure, movement, character, flow, etc.

Niels Bohr, famous physicist defined an expert as:

“a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.”


3 thoughts on “making mistakes.

  1. And even though he’s not a playwright, Russell Crowe once talked about his training, how he worked and worked to be able to get into NIDA and one day he realized that by working all these years, THAT was his training. So, as long as you write and write, work on your craft, you’re golden. Having an MFA does not automatically mean you are a talented writer.

  2. Dear Jane-

    Just stumbled across your blog today and spent a good hour pouring through it before reminding myself that there were actual “productive things” I should be doing.

    A thought I wanted to share with you after reading this post, from Randy Pausch, which is “Brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”

    It’s definitely helped me a few times, and I thought I’d offer it up to you, after discovering so many other pearls of wisdom on your own blog. I’m a young playwright as well, and would connect and have someone to comiserate with at times. I’ve just graduated and also have a few questions I’d love to send/ask you. Is there a less public way to do so, via your blog?

    All the best,

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