So, you want your MFA in Playwriting?

So, it’s official. I was rejected at all the programs I applied to for my playwriting MFA. I did however, get two personal letters speaking to the quality of my work, so that is encouraging.

I’ve also read that the acceptance rate for creative writing MFA programs is lower than medical and business schools. And that one must expect to apply at least twice before getting accepted.

If you’re reading this and in a similar boat to me, I say – there’s only five months before we can apply again!

The two best things I’ve gotten out of this whole experience is A) the satisfaction of successfully completing the application process itself (it’s a lot of work and organizational stuff!) and B) learning not to hang my hat on external rewards. (I don’t think I’ll ever be free of the tug of external rewards or validation, but the farther I can get from it, the better.)

The first rejection I got back in January was a big disappointment – I had a bit of a self-indulgent self-pity fest. But when my last rejection rolled in just a few days ago, it rolled off my back within twenty minutes. I think that’s progress. Getting in to a program would have been more “progress” I guess, but this feels surprisingly good too.

At the end of the day, I still wake up and write. I still do what I love. And I feel like success will come – I’m not sure what path will take me there, but I’m curious to find out.


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