Where I’ve been and Where I’m going

It has been forever since I have written. Things have been changing a lot.

After 4 years working at a film school in an environment I loved, I decided it was time to leave. The easiest way to describe it is basically to say that I was too comfortable. It was safe and not challenging enough. For awhile that was enough, because I was making strides with my writing. The extra mental time allowed me to focus on not only writing more, but submitting my work and attending conferences.

After four years and getting rejected from graduate school last year, I realized it was time to leave. Had I made more progress in my writing, I think I would have felt content to stay – but because I felt both my writing and day job were not at a level where I felt content, it was time to go.

So here I am, working in a position where I’m doing writing pretty much all day long. However, it is  legal writing and not creative writing. I had no expectations beginning this job, though I did attempt to mentally prepare myself for things to be “different.” That they are. All I know is that I am infinitely more busy.

As a writer, is it better to have a job in which you are somewhat in your field (i.e. a theater or working at a film studio), or is it better to be completely out of the field? A screenwriter once told me that they preferred working in a position not film-related, so that they would not have to feel badly doing spreadsheets in a place where creative decisions were getting made all around them.

I still do not know what my preference is, but I do know I enjoy being around good people at work, and I like interacting with people as part of my job.

Regardless, I think my heart is still set on graduate school. And so, the process begins again. I cannot believe it is September 6th! It is time to get back into the working groove of writing and getting my sample up to par. I wish I could send the revised version of the script I sent last year, because I feel like it is a lot stronger. But I believe the rule is a new script every rule.

In other application news, I applied to The Public’s Emerging Writers Group and Ars Nova Play Group, so fingers crossed. As I type this, I am remembering that EST’s Youngblood should have contacted appliciants by now, so I am assuming it’s another rejection. Sadly, this was my last year to apply – since the cut-off is 30 and next March is the big birthday year.

Anyway – it is time to get ready for work, so I am off. (Sometimes when I am getting ready, I wonder what it would be like if I worked from home, working on scripts all day. I wonder if that would make me happier, or feel more isolated and less inspired.)

Now, I am off for real. Also, I love that this has inadvertently become an appropriate Labor Day post.


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