It’s Grad School App Season!

Ah, pumpkins, pretty leaves, weird but awesome mini gourd on my desk…and grad school applications. It’s fall, people! This is generally my favorite season, mainly because there’s just something about the crisp air that makes me simultaneously eager to change my life and nostalgic for the past. Now though, I’ve also begun to associate the fall with graduate school applications.

Hopefully, the fact that I went through this last year will make it easier. I am still not applying to schools I’d have to pay for. But I am going to add a few schools with nebulous funding such as NYU. I have heard fantastic things about their MFA in Dramatic Writing and I have also recently heard that they offer certain students grants, etc.

That would also allow me to stay in NYC. As would Hunter and Brooklyn College, both lovely choices.

Other than those schools, all of my other school options are outside of NYC. I fluctuate wildly about how I feel about this. For the better part of the last year, that prospect has sounded so cool. Especially as a native New Yorker who only left the city for college in Baltimore. But sometimes it sounds crazy. Would I be do distracted by the distance between my loved ones and I that my writing would suffer? I’m the type of writer who needs my creature comforts to feel free to write.

I’ve discovered that I need balance in my life to be the best writer. If I’m thinking about paying off school loans, or a job I loathe going to or missing my friends, my writing suffers. I’m not sure if I’m just not trying hard enough to shut all of that noise out, but regardless, I try and keep the balance.

Anyhow, as I did last year, I’m going to cast my net in this big grad school pond…err…lake? and see what happens.



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