And I’m back!

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been almost three months since I’ve written. When I started this blog I had the best intentions of being a consistent poster, so hopefully I can get back to that. It’s been a challenging but rewarding couple of months. After being unemployed for 2 months, I got a job as a writer at a global Cosmetics company. I feel ridiculously lucky. This job is pretty amazing, because the people are so nice and the work is challenging but not overwhelming. And I get major discounts!

I also got to the interview stage at 2 schools for my MFA in Playwriting. While I didn’t make it into either, I got very close, which somehow felt pretty spectacular after last years’ radio silence. I’m still waiting to hear from two schools, so there’s still hope for this year.

And my play “Feedback” just opened at the Lyric Theater in Los Angeles. It’s open until the end of April, so you should check it out if you can.

So, it’s been a good couple of months overall. That saying “it’s always darkest before the light” feels kind of appropriate.

And for no particular reason other than I want to, here’s a list of my top three “need-to-see-right-now” plays:

4000 Miles by Amy Herzog

The Big Meal by DanLeFranc

Clybourne Park by Bruce Morris


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