Ass in Chair

So, once again, I’ve lapsed with my blog writing. It’s been over a month again. Not good. Going forward, I’m going to try my best to more consistent. But at least I have been writing plays. I finished a first draft of a play “Gorgeous” which showed me how much I love writing comedies. And how quickly I can pump out a first draft if I really set my mind to it. It definitely helped to be in a class with Rogelio Martinez at Primary Stages which required us to produce 10 pages a week.

There was also a bit of a mental distraction the past month. Well, many, to be honest. The most exciting distraction has been finding out that I got into  a graduate school MFA program! It’s exciting, definitely. I also got waitlisted at my two top choices.

So, it felt like progress. But ultimately, I decided not to go to school this year. It came down to funding. I just couldn’t go to an MFA program without pretty much full funding. I’m completely willing to work as a TA or graduate assistant for my funding, but I can’t go into debt to a playwright. Not in this economic climate. I knew this before I applied, but many of the schools had funding but it depended upon the year and the candidate.

It feels kind of funny to want something so badly, only to get it and decide all the pieces don’t fit right.

Graduate school or not (not for now), I will always be writing. And the most important thing is that my “ass is in the chair.” That expression is courtesy of writer Susan Conley, whose beautiful memoir “The Foremost Good Fortune” I’m reading now. But yes, ass in chair. Writing. Churning out pages.



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