Where I am.

As 2012 races to a close, I’m finishing up my graduate school applications and hoping this is the final year. Heck, it will be the final year.

This has been a pretty great year overall. I started out unemployed and scared, and eating way too many frozen meals for it to be okay, but I ended the year feeling good about things. I’ve been productive with my writing and I’m on track to finish two screenplays in 2012 –  “How to Not Die Alone” and “Holly 2.0.”  They are both high-concept dramedys that admittedly, I had bits and pieces written before. But I finally put them all together. This seems to have been my year of screenplays.

It’s not surprising to me because I started out writing screenplays and migrated to plays for a few years, and now I hope to navigate both. I have always been a movie obsessive and majored in film and media studies in college. It was kind of hard to avoid in my family, especially with my dad having being a cameraman for thirty years. I think watching him manage a family and an artistic career made me believe, “wow, I could do this too.”

This Spring, I’ll be diving right back into a draft of my new play – semi-inspired by the planets and astronomy. I’m excited because I can workshop it in the advanced playwriting class I’m taking at Primary Stages with Cusi Cram.

And simply because I love Mike Leigh (“Happy, Go-Lucky” is one of my all-time favorite films)

” I do not make films which are prescriptive, and I do not make films that are conclusive. You do not walk out of my films with a clear feeling about what is right and wrong. They’re ambivalent. You walk away with work to do. My films are a sort of investigation. They ask questions.”

— Mike Leigh


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