Investing (literally) in my career

I just paid $147 to Spec Scout for three reviews of my screenplay, “How to Not Die Alone.” I was debating what service to use among these three:

  • The Black List
  • InkTip
  • Spec Scout

I ended up choosing Spec Scout because if you have high enough scores, they put your script on their website which industry folk have access to (and they pay a fee for that access). InkTip seems awesome, but anyone can post a screenplay so an industry person looking for a script can’t really trust the quality. As for the Black List, it just is more expensive because there’s a monthly fee and you need to pay to have your script read in addition to the monthly fee.

I’ve also been applying to graduate schools which adds up. Not only do you have pay for the application fee (anywhere from $50 to $125 (yes, that’s YOU Hunter College), you have to sometimes pay to photocopy scripts and get your transcripts mailed.

Suffice to say, it all adds up. I’m glad I’m working a corporate job these days. All I can say is – I hope it’s not all for naught.




One thought on “Investing (literally) in my career

  1. I came across your blog and am curious what your experience was with SpecScout (and congrats, by the way, on the move to California). I’m about ready to upload my script at the behest of someone with real credentials, but I’d like one more opinion. Thanks! RPM

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