If I was a professor of dramatic writing…

I would hope to be as nurturing as Cheryl Strayed, who spoke to this subject on the awesome literary/writer blog, Mourning Goats. I was lucky enough to meet the founder of this blog on a job interview today (the one good thing about this whole process is the people you meet). He speaks to some of today’s top writers and asks them 20 questions. Kind of like what Adam Szymkowicz is doing with his playwright interview blog. 

When asked about her teaching experience, Ms. Strayed replied, in part:

“So I ask my students to pay attention to what’s happening on the page on a very close, technical level. Another thing I do is offer emotional support, which I think is pretty crucial. Most writers need to be told to keep going. It might be the most important thing a teacher can give a student writer. I don’t mean I turn my classes into therapy sessions, but I talk a lot about how important it is to persevere, to keep the faith, to try and fail and keep trying. One must do as Winston Churchill famously implored his countrymen to do: never, never, never give up.”



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