Hello, Queens.

So, I’m leaving Brooklyn and heading to live in Queens. It was a rather abrupt life change and it’s scary and weird to be living on my own again in a completely new neighborhood. (But this means I can apply for the Mission to Ditmars play reading series!). Last night I realized that since graduating from college, I’ve moved to a new apartment almost every year. That makes me sad. Especially being officially over 30. I wonder when this state of transition will end.

It’s been a time of a lot of things “almost” happening and then not. I almost got into a fantastic graduate program with full funding but instead made it to the wait list. I almost got a game changing writing fellowship but didn’t. Amongst others things. Sorry if this post is a bit angsty and emo – I’m blaming it on the weather. I worry about my optimism fading – and I have to somehow safeguard that. I haven’t quite figured that out, but if anyone has ideas, I’m open to hearing them!

On the bright note, I’m thiiiiiiiiiiiiiissss close to having a solid draft of my screenplay that I’ve been hammering out for wow, a year now. It makes me happy and it was a blast to write. I feel good about it. I feel like I’m broken the “I’ll never write a good screenplay again” spell that I was under for a few years while I devoted myself to playwriting. So there’s something. Now onto revisions of my play “Gorgeous.” Stay tuned for details on a reading Saturday, October 6th.

Stay dry.







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